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Radiohead Hates Carbon Dioxide, Asks For Your Help In Battle Against It

Radiohead. As seen by Radiohead. (Jonny Greenwood)

Only everyone who's anyone is going to this weekend's Radiohead show at Starplex.

But before you do, you might want to read this blog statement from the band. And maybe this press release from the band's publicist, which urges show attendees to "consider methods of travel to upcoming shows":

"Last year, the band commissioned carbon footprint analysts Best Foot Forward to calculate the carbon generated on their two previous US tours. The report showed that fans' travel to and from the shows accounted for the greatest proportion of the CO2 generated during each tour, something now widely accepted across the industry. Following the report's recommendations, Radiohead are encouraging fans to consider public transport where available, or increased carpooling for shows outside city centers."

Too bad DART's (isn't this ironic...) Green Line's a ways off, huh?

On the brighter side, I, at least, feel greener just for having told you.

In other news, if you're already amped up over the show and you need something to tide you over, you can check out this slideshow of photos from Radiohead's St. Louis show, courtesy of our sister paper, Riverfront Times. --Pete Freedman