Poster Of The Week: Dirtfoot, Warren Jackson Hearne and Starhead

This week's featured poster is for the Dirtfoot, Warren Jackson Hearne and Starhead show at J&J's Pizza tomorrow night, part of the NX35 festival.

Starhead's Ira Wile designed this poster, which, he explains via e-mail, was "cannibalized from some Russian thingy from the 1800's." Borrowed image or not, the simplicity and black/white contrast certainly grabbed my attention.

It should be one of many great shows going on Friday night, by the way. The guys in Dirtfoot call their music "Gypsy Punk Country Grumble Boogie," which sums it up pretty well. They sound a little like the Gourds jamming with Gogol Bordello and a sax player. Hearne's old-world gothic folk is always entertaining. I've written about Starhead before, and will have a review of the band's Brent Best-produced Escadrille in next week's print supplement.