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Here's a Video Recap of Last Weekend's Index Music Festival

Well, that was a hell of a weekend, wasn't it? In its third go-around, Index Festival spread out to three days of music with nearly 100 bands, all situated on its new, larger festival grounds between Cesar Chavez and Elm St., directly across from Epocha and The Prophet Bar.

There to take in the action was our talented photographer and videographer Kathy Tran, who put together a recap video to help capture the vibe of the weekend. Check it out after the break.


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We had several people on the ground at Index. Mike Brooks was there snapping photos of the bands and the fans. The Rhombi Survivor crew was there taking even more photos, including some of the backstage action. And of course H. Drew Blackburn was there, notebook in hand, ready to jot down his thoughts on the festival.

Against all that exhaustive coverage -- Dan Deacon-led dance-offs, late-night club parties and all -- Tran managed to capture a snapshot of sorts of the rhythm of the weekend. There's the sweeping overhead view of Deep Ellum in the daytime that starts things off, with a mostly empty Elm St. and the sleeping bar fronts. Gradually that all gives way to the festival grounds and the nighttime hum of music.

If you missed out on the action as it happened, the video gives a good glimpse of what the layout was like on the grounds. There's the beer tent, the three stages and the food trucks, all set against backdrop of the downtown city skyline. It makes for evocative stuff.

And with that, it's on to ACL Fest. Whew!