Bonus MP3: The O's -- "We'll Go Walking"

The new disc from local folk favorites The O's wasn't originally supposed to earn its release until February. And, OK, that still remains the case as far as hard copies of John Pedigo and Taylor Young's sophomore album, Between The Two, are concerned -- their local album release show will take place on Friday, Februrary 11, at Club Dada, right before the band takes off for a tour of Europe.

But, earlier today, the album, which will also earn vinyl, CD and even eight-track treatments, earned its iTunes release. In the coming weeks, expect lots more on the new disc -- we'll have a profile of the duo in print, just as, we assume, will every other paper in town.

Thankfully, though, we do have this much as a DC9 exclusive: To celebrate the album's iTunes release, Erv Karwelis of Idol Records has passed along a free download of Between The Two's lead single, "We'll Go Walking," which, in advance of the full release, had been available for purchase on iTunes for the past few weeks. Give it a listen and download after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

The O's -- "We'll Go Walking"

The O's -- "We'll Go Walking"

Sorry, folks: If you thought the buzz surrounding the duo's debut release in 2008 was oppressive, you're in for a rough 2011. This song, like the rest of the album, is a foot-stompin' good time.