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T Bone Burnett Wins Golden Globe, Meryl Streep's Admiration

Sorry if you missed last night's Golden Globes awards ceremony on NBC. Mostly because, well, this is probably your first look at Mad Men's Christina Hendricks and her digs from last night. (Daaaaaaaaaaamn!)

But also because you missed this: Fort Worth native T Bone Burnett walked with the Hollywood Foreign Press' prize in the Best Song category for his work with Austin's Ryan Bingham on the theme song from Crazy Heart, "The Weary Kind."

And that probably would have been the highlight of Burnett's night, too, had Meryl Streep, upon winning her award as the Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, not announced to the world that she wanted to change her "name to T Bone. T Bone Streep."

Can't get much higher praise than that, I don't think.