Weekly Wax is a Music Blog That Promises to Buy 156 Records this Year

Weekly Wax was an idea for a blog born in Denton by Lumberjack Fest creator Harlin Anderson and his buddy and debt collector, Richard Oram. One night after tailgating at a UNT game, the two went back to Anderson's house and started listening to records.

"We decided that we would endeavor to buy one record a week, all 52 weeks of the year," Anderson explained. "But we would give ourselves a budget of 350 bucks [each] for the year. So you have to keep track of what you buy and what you pay for it." Anderson and Oram added local librarian and poet Katey Margolis to their lineup of writers, and after beefing up their content, Weeklywax.com, went live in February of this year.