Watch: Sarah Jaffe -- "All That Time"

Well, that didn't take long at all. After we just posted earlier this week a live performance clip of local darling Sarah Jaffe performing one new song from her upcoming The Way Sound Leaves a Room EP, we now have a legitimate music video to share with you for a song that will also appear on the upcoming release.

Released today, the video is for a new song called "All That Time," which, as you'll notice upon hearing it, steals a little melody from her big local hit "Clementine" for its ending. And that's not unintentional, as Jaffe explained today to the folks at Consequence of Sound, who debuted the clip:

I wanted to write a really short intro to Clementine, but also kind of tip my hat to it I suppose.  It was made on my glorious laptop in Denton TX.
She goes on to tell the folks at COS a little bit more about the shooting of the video and, also, about the inspiration behind her new material. But, since we've already heard most of that, and since we know that all you really want to do at this point is see the new clip, well, we've posted it for your viewing pleasure after the jump. We'd tell you to enjoy it, but we have a feeling that you won't need any encouragement from us to do so.