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Jessie Frye Debuts Steamy "Shape of a Boy" Video

You gotta hand it to Denton artist Jessie Frye: she's never once shied away from being sultry. She turned her Main Stage performance at this year's Edgefest into a a sweaty, energetic mess that impressed local critics and earned her quite a few new fans. Impressing people with her performances has been a trend for Frye since she made her debut back in 2008.

Now we get a first look at her video for "Shape of a Boy" a seductive little number filled with blistering guitar work, and Frye's trademark key work.

Frye released her third album, Obsidian, earlier this year, and has slowly been releasing videos to accompany some of the best songs put out by a North Texas artist this year. Her video for "Never Been to Paris" was haunting, focusing mainly on Frye's emotive face while following her through a walk in the woods.

And now we have "Shape of a Boy:"

As you can see it's like a Dentonfried version of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" video, complete with a appearance from the Virgin Wolves' Chase Ryan as eager Frye's paramour. The imagery is rife with iconic North Texas scenes: there's abandon buildings, fireworks stands and invasive fire ants. Frye isn't afraid to ratchet up the sex appeal as she seems to have no qualms with director Cameron Smith's lens lingering on her.

It's definitely a change of pace from most of the other videos released by North Texas artist this year, which is expected from an artist like Frye, someone who never seems happy to stick to one thing, less she find herself in a rut. That's a commendable trait, and one that shows why so many see such promise in her.

Make sure to catch Jessie at Club Dada on July 16th when she opens for Kitten. If Frye's video and Kitten's "Like A Stranger" video are any type of indicators, it's going to be a pretty steamy night