Good Friday: Slobberbone, Shibboleth, Austin Brown Sounds, Cory Branan, PVC Street Gang, Chris Holt, Salim Nourallah, Mount Righteous, Teenage Cool Kids, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Oso Closo, Tesla, Gov't Mule and Slider Pines

Let's do this. First, as always, the shows we've already discussed.

The biggest show tonight's probably the first of Slobberbone's two nights of reunions (this one at Dan's Silverleaf). The O's open. But there's also the Don Cab show at RGRS, the Dr. John and Neville Brothers show at House of Blues, Kevin Costner & Modern West at the Granada, and the Informant show way out in Coppell. And on Saturday, there's The Semifinals' gig at the Prophet Bar and the Slobberbone and The O's gig at Barley House.

But, wait! There's more!

Friday, Feb. 6, at AllGood Cafe

Surely I can't be the only one in the world who wouldn't mind hearing

Shibboleth's "1912 Horsey Rebellion"

Shibboleth's "1912 Horsey Rebellion"

while chowing down on some of AllGood's Rock-a-mole, right? I think the two would complement one another quite nicely.

Austin Brown Sounds, Sparklepussy Barbie
Friday, Feb. 6, at The Cavern

Kinda fitting to see Sparklepussy Barbie on a bill this weekend--I can't help but compare their sound to The Killers'. The couple of times I've seen them, that translates to a pretty decent time... if the crowd is willing to dance away to the band's brand of rock. Austin Brown Sounds, which just returned from a European tour, also tries to get the audience dancing, albeit in a more funk-jam kind of way. Should be interesting to see how the crowds and dances blend on this bill.

Cory Branan, Will Johnson
Friday, Feb, 6 at the Double Wide

A very nice pairing here, pitting Centro-matic's Johnson with the headliner, Austin's Cory Brannan, who has worked with Lucero, been featured in Rolling Stone, performed on Letterman and has a nice quality to his down-home Texas country/folk/rock sound.

Sounds Under Radio, PVC Street Gang, Menkena
Friday, Feb, 6, at Lola's on Sixth, Fort Worth

I have no idea what to make of Austin's Sounds Under Radio, as I've seen the band on some odd bills over the past year. But if you wanna take a chance on the bombastic rock act, tonight's a good time to do so--if only because Denton's punk-influenced PVC Street Gang and Dallas' dream-scape shoegaze act Menkena are worth the price of admission alone.

Chris Holt, Eric Neal, Camille Cortinas, Dave Little
Friday, Feb, 6, at Opening Bell Coffee's Mosaic location

Fishing For Comets' Camille Cortinas pitched this to me as a songwriters-in-the-round, song-swap between this talented collection of area musicians. A much lower-keyed affair than most of the other shows happening tonight, but a great option for people looking for more of a wine than a beer-and-whiskey night. Plus, do we really have to slobber over Holt and Neal's collective talents and the number of bands they play in again?

Salim Nourallah
Saturday, Feb. 7, at Club Dada

I've had the pleasure of previewing Nourallah's upcoming March release and--SPOILER ALERT--I think it might be some of the best work he's ever done. Also, it's fitting that he's playing Dada since, apparently, he's gonna be the new booking agent at Club Dada's new "Listening Room".

Mount Righteous, The Unbearables, The Van Buren Boys, County Lines
Saturday, Feb. 7, at The Chat Room Pub, Fort Worth

Two Austin bands (The Van Buren Boys and The Unbearables) join two Grapevine bands on this Fort Worth bill. And since we've already said plenty about Mount Righteous, I just want to say this: The Van Buren Boys is such a great name for a band, I'm pissed at myself for not coming up with it first.

Teenage Cool Kids, Deep Snapper, Uptown Bums
Saturday, Feb, 7, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, Denton
A really solid bill of some of Denton's best lo-fi punk- and garage-influenced acts. One of the best bills of the weekend, in fact.

Ray Wilie Hubbard
Saturday, Feb, 7, at the Granada Theater

'Cause this is Texas, y'all.

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, others
Saturday, Feb, 7, at the House of Blues' Pontiac Garage

Because some mall punk bands do read this blog. Meanwhile, did you know that RJA, the band responsible for that ubiquitous "Face Down" song, has a new album out? You didn't? Us either. Nor do we care, really, but we have space to fill...

Vandevander, Oso Closo, The Kul

Saturday, Feb, 7, at The Cavern
Oso Closo killed as the Who earlier this season at the DTC. Meanwhile, Tulsa's Vandevander uses some pretty tired blues-rock riffs, but I imagine it's not that bad in a live setting--which is probably why he's been all over DFW in recent weeks. And then there are the funky, soul rockers in The Kul, who are pushing its just-released Soul 4 Gold album (we'll have a review in print soon enough) at this gig. Really bizarre blend of acts, but each is at least somewhat interesting in its own right.

Saturday, Feb. 7, at House of Blues

Still kickin'. Or so I just found out when I saw this show listed on the House of Blues' site. Go figure.

Gov't Mule, Disco Biscuits
Sunday, Feb. 8, at House of Blues

Because, like, dude... really... I know a guy who can totally hook us up before we get there... it'll be unreal. Dude.

Slider Pines
Sunday, Feb, 8, at the Barley House

Because you've got nothing else going on on Sunday night this weekend, and I'll be damned if Slider Pines isn't the tightest, cleanest live band in town--not to mention that its obvious Clash, Beatles and Replacements influences are really tough to disapprove of. Plus, you can still download the band's latest EP for free right here. Or you can just pick up a hard copy at the show. Again, for free.

...and that's all folks. Add others in the comments, if you must. And, as always, have fun out there.