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Brooks Williams and Kat Eggleston Show Changes Locations

Kat Eggleston

If for some reason your Saturday plans call for taking in an acoustic indoors performance in Dallas rather than enduring 14 hours of metal, August heat and Frisco, you might need to read this. The Brooks Williams and Kat Eggleston show has changed its venue—and price.

The show was originally scheduled to go down at Bend Studio, but has been moved to Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse, according to Uncle Calvin's booking agent Michael Terry.

"Evidently the Fire Marshal has deemed Bend to not be a suitable location for a music venue," he writes in an email. "Either that or he knows what a hot show Brooks and Kat will be putting on."

Depending on whether you like watching shows barefoot, that could be good news or bad news. But there's some news that's unequivocally positive for fans: ticket prices have dropped from $20 to $15 in advance or $18 at the door. -Jesse Hughey