Giveaway: A Pair Of Tickets To Catch Fuck Buttons Tonight at Hailey's

Last year, I had the opportunity to speak with Benjamin Power, one half of the British experimental duo Fuck Buttons and, man, what an interesting conversation that was.

Unapologetic over the band's controversial moniker and scornful of both negative and positive reviews for the bands debut album Street Horrrsing, Power was the total antithesis of your typical, self-promoting artist.

All of which suits the band's sound perfectly. Eschewing traditional instrumentation, Powers and his partner, Andrew Hung, are demented mixers of tape loops and found sounds. The pair's dense soundscapes can be things of beauty or fairly unapproachable slabs of noise. Such dichotomy is exactly what Power and Hung are striving for and, surely, at least part of the reason behind the band's new sophomore record, Tarot Sport, earning all sorts of praise.

So we're pretty pumped then that the folks at Spune Productions have passed along a free pair of tickets for us to pass along for the band's show at Hailey's tonight in Denton. Want the pair? OK: Email Pete right now with the phrase "The Hardest Button To Button" in the subject line. First person to do so wins the tickets. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winner!