Untapped: Indie and Beer Pairing Menu

Because there aren't purer joys than live music or beer, and God forbid anyone should have to choose between the two, we're pretty excited for the Untapped Festival this weekend. All the important information and headliners are in the nifty graphic above, but we wanted to help maximize your enjoyment. We've put together a tasting menu, a mix of pairings meant to bring out the best attributes of beer and musical act. As we refine our palates we're going to start incorporating smelling salts and textiles for a more immersive sensual experience, but for now we're sticking with taste and hearing.

Larry g(EE) For an act out of Dallas, something local is appropriate. And for Larry Gee, who blends soul and funk with modern flourishes, something seductive is needed, with seemingly contradicting flavors. We suggest Denton-based Armadillo Ale's Green Farmhouse Saison, refreshing, fruity and bitter. It should be a great pairing for an act that everyone seems to be calling "finger-licking."

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Freelance Whales The name Freelance Whales is evocative. Even more than conveying the idea of a pod of broke orcas, the name communicates that the band is majorly fun-driven. We need to find some equally fun components to compliment it. Like chocolate. And high alcohol content. So we turn to the Cherry Chocolate Stout from the Deep Ellum Brewing Company. The cherry taste may get lost sometimes, but the 8% ABV will keep things happy.

Dead Flowers This pairing is less about taste and more about philosophy. Dead Flowers titled their crowdfunded-album For You, as a dedication to their fans (and cooked dinner for some top contributors). So we figured they would best belong with Community Beer Company, aka "Beer for the Greater Good," which has a four part mission statement dedicated to giving back to the DFW area. We suggest the gold and citrusy Mosaic IPA.