Looking Back at The Best and Worst Lineups Seen In Warped Tour's 17 Years Of Existence

The Warped Tour has always had a lot of bands and a lot of different bands. Sure, you're not going to see these bands end up on any Pitchfork best-of, but the tour doesn't exactly play to people who decree most things in life as "meh," either.

Even in its first few years, you could see a hardcore act play after a punk act, a ska act following a metal act, a legendary band next to a band with only an EP out -- and all in a single day.

Indeed, this traveling circus has remained something that a lot of people look forward to every year. But not every year's lineup has been a slam dunk.

When the Warped Tour lineups are at their best, they boast a healthy mix of bands that are for "the kids" (teenagers who look only a little younger than the band members onstage) and bands for the parents and older siblings to enjoy.

So, in that vein, and with the 17th annual Warped Tour kicking off in Dallas at the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Fair Park on Friday, June 24, we decided to take a look back every lineup the festival's ever feature. After the jump, we present our findings for the best and worst Warped Tour lineups over the years.

Agree? disagree? Feel free to leave a comment below. Or just go off on Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman if you see him at the event on Friday.