Picture Show: A Friday Night on Elm Street...

Friend of the Program Mike Brooks was out and about in Deep Ellum on Friday night, toting his trusty camera along as he bounced around from venue to venue, snapping up shots of all things visually interesting and arresting.

In particular, he found himself holed up at Trees for a performance Mickey Avalon. And, OK, maybe a couple of scantily clad attendees and dancers, too. But, right across the way at La Grange, he found something else entirely -- a set from one-time Dallas resident and Rockabilly Hall of Famer Kim Lenz at La Grange.

The two performances, really couldn't have been much different. But their dichotomy serves to tell the tale of the suddenly resurgent Deep Ellum quite well: Once again, on any given night, you can pretty much see anything down in the storied Dallas music 'hood. Well, almost anything.

Hit the jump for your visual proof.