Dallas Observer Music Awards

DOMA XX: Best Record Store Nominees

With our DOMA ballot online and ripe for your votin', we figured we'd give you some help: a daily breakdown of each category's nominees.

Best Record Store CD World Recycled Books Strawberry Fields Bill's Records Good Records

The good news: No Best Buys, Walmarts, iTunes or Amazons here, thank God. The bad news: Each is a worthy candidate to take home the top prize, albeit for different reasons.

CD World Housed in a strip mall--How Dallas of it, right?--CD World is most prominent, perhaps, for its close ties with the Granada Theater. Both owned by Mike Schoder, the two corporations are wholly intertwined: The record store's logo is hoisted on the logos behind the Granada Theater's stage, and tickets to the theater's shows can be bought at the store's checkout counter. And, for those looking for top dollar on their old, used discs, CD World remains the top buyback option.

Recycled Books More book store than record store, Recycled finds itself on this list out of the affinity the Denton scene holds for it more than anything. Still, that's a well-earned affinity: Recycled houses Denton's most comprehensive collection of local discs for purchase--and its policy of highlighting which of those local acts are playing around town each week is a keeper, no doubt.

Strawberry Fields The once-upon-a-time DIY show host (at the store's old home), just opened the doors on its new location--across the train tracks and next to Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios. As much a oddball and cult video store as it is a record store, Strawberry Fields won't blow anyone away with its fairly small, niche selection. But perhaps no other nominee on this list did more to up its rep and cred this past year than Strawberry Fields. And, yes, they store can thank the DIY shows it used to host for that fact.

Bill's Records Sure, it's a new, smaller location for this record store, but Bill Wisener's collection is still the most mind-boggling around town. Best Music Advocate nominee Jeff Liles' The Last Record Store did a fine job of highlighting some of the oddball characters that call the store home, but, more than anything, Bill's is a place you have to clear your schedule to visit; the second you start perusing the aisles without a specific agenda, you enter a timesuck that will keep you busy for hours.

Good Records Can't really say much about Good Records that hasn't already been said. It's got a phenomenal vinyl collection upstairs, and maybe the most thought-out CD collection in town on the main floor. Oh, and the help is knowledgeable and nonjudgmental, too. But the kicker: Those glorious in-stores. Already this month, Good Records played host to No Age. In the coming weeks, it'll do the same with Less Than Jake and Brothers & Sisters, among others. 'course, the fact that Good Records also might be the best venue on Lowest Greenville certainly helps.

You know the drill: go vote. --Pete Freedman