Bonus MP3: Ishi -- "Pastel Lights"

It was back in early September when we first posted the above unofficial video for Dallas-based electronic outfit Ishi's "Pastel Lights," set to the '80s not-quite-classic movie Solarbabies, and called the song "the best darn thing the band's released yet." And I still wholeheartedly stand by that claim--which explains my constant pleading with the band to allow us to post the track as a bonus mp3 download for DC9 readers since we first heard it.

The song--an undeniably catchy affair--seems to stand as a blatant change-in-direction moment for the once-mostly folktronica-based band; these days, Ishi's going all out on the electro-dance front. But, more than that, the band's seriously upped its live show ante, adding a little more swagger and whole a lot more confidence to its stage presense.

In turn, area audiences have responded in kind, showing up in major numbers to support the band's live performances of late--and packing out the house at Trees were the band performed last night as part of KDGE-102.1 FM The Edge's weekly all-local showcase, hosted by Mark Schectman of the station's The Local Show.

Indeed: This is a local outfit well worth watching in this post-MGMT universe, friends. And, as alluded to earlier in this post, click through the jump, where the band's been kind enough to succumb to our demands and offer up the song "Pastel Lights" as a free download.

Bonus mp3:

Ishi -- "Pastel Lights"

Ishi -- "Pastel Lights"

When the beat fully kicks in, right around the 30-second mark? Well, c'mon, that's just incredible. Catch the band's next live show on Wednesday, December 9, at Hailey's when it performs as part of the CD release party for another recent DC9 dance fave, Fizzy Dino Pop.