Poster Of The Week: Christmas Spectacular featuring RTB2, Manned Missles, Spooky Folk, Eaton Lake Tonics, Damaged Goods, Yeah Def, Dharma, & The Record Hop at RGRS & Bees Manor, Saturday December 19

Ho ho ho-ly frijole!

What devil am I looking at? It's the poster of the week... Or is it?

Well, if you take a photo of this very meticulously crafted three-dimensional installation on plywood and print it out, then, just like a Christmas miracle, it becomes quite the visually curious gig poster.

(In fact, if you play with the lighting as you photograph it, you'll get a whole different feeling altogether, not unlike sitting on stinky Santa's lap at any shopping mall on it's last boozy breath, it's all around a shock to the senses, yet you'll never forget it...)

Designed by Alexander Kai Revier, and provided by the folks over at DayBowBow, who are presenting this "Christmassacre/Christmas Spectacular" at two different venues in Denton, this piece certainly lends to the idea of a bloody mess. But gosh, isn't the chaos oh so beautiful?

Honestly, my initial gut reaction was on par to taking a sip of long-expired egg nog, but once I got past the curdles, I could only then appreciate the genius that went into the recipe.

Now now, don't get me wrong, when you're sifting through submissions, gut reactions either make you hungry or make you gag... Either way, you have to take another bite for the full experience, and the more I ingested of this pretty spectacular piece, the more I was impressed with the thought and labor put into it. The result being an arresting, unconventional case study in paper-craft and experimental typography.

Some of you out there may scoff, but not every gig poster needs to be produced by a pulling ink over a screen. In the original spirit of the rock poster, the idea was to push the conventional envelope and appeal to those outside the norm. One of the forefathers of rock poster art said something along the lines of, "If you can't read it, then it's not for you man..."

I think it's safe to say this week's selection exceeds those qualifications.

Keep sending your poster submissions to [email protected]. Be sure to include the artist/designer's name and info for proper credit, at least a week in advance. (And please send your printed pieces here.)