Stream: Ishi -- "Disco Queen"

The summer started out fairly rough for area electronic favorites, Ishi.

In May, you may recall, half the band split from the project, leaving the Brothers Mudd (John and J.J.) behind to pick up the pieces. Didn't take too long to do that, fortunately enough for the band. By the time ex-members Taylor Rea and Rob Bastien had started leaking material from their own project called Zhora in July, Ishi had already showcased their replacements -- Becky Middleton and Rocky Ottley -- as capable performers.

Now, Ishi seems ready to completely move forward. The band has reunited with producer Brad Dale is hard at work on its sophomore LP, which the band expects to be out in 2012. Earlier this month, the band debuted a taste of the new sound through a stream of a new song called "Disco Queen." It's a nice nu-disco update on the electro-sleaze the band's put out to date.

Check it out after the jump.