Poster of the Week: The Americanos Reunion Show at City Tavern

Looks like some actual professional design firms want in on the Poster of the Week game here at DC9. Well, O&H Brand Design, welcome to the party. We're happy to have you.

Crisp, beautiful and straight to the point, this poster promoting tomorrow night's show at City Tavern and featuring Elkhart, Chris Gonzalez & The Brushlanders and The Family Crude, as well as a headlining performance from a reunited Americanos, is pretty much everything a poster needs to be.

All the pertinent info is there -- the bands, the date, the start time, the venue. And, man, is it eye-catching. More important, though, is the fact that it's a pretty simple design -- a stark image of a torn American flag, plenty of white space, and just a few lines of text (and text that follows the oh-so-important rule of using no more than two typefaces per design, too).

No surprise there, though: O&H Brand Designs, on its web site, says of its process that "making things more complicated isn't our style." Helping out its own kind, however, is. Travis Hopper, who plays in both Elkhart and The Americanos, is part of the O&H team. Whatever it takes, right?

Overall, this is just some really great design.

Think you can top this week's winning design? Want to see one of your designs get honored? Then go ahead and drop us an email with the image right here. Oh, and be sure to do so at least a week in advance of the show. Thanks!