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Listen: New Music From Preteen Zenith

Late on Friday, Preteen Zenith tweeted a message to its followers to visit its newly designed website, on which there is a sneak peak of an outro of a song called "Abstraction."

We jumped at the chance to hear a little bit more from the band, seeing as all we've had to go on so far is a little four-song sampler mashup the band released a few weeks back. So, as this is the first full song that the band has released, it gives a good insight into what folks attending the much talked about Gorilla Vs. Bear Festival this Saturday, can expect.

Turns out, it's quite a bit more trippy and droney than anything DeLaughter has done with Tripping Daisy or The Polyphonic Spree. Thanks to a repetitive primal drum rhythm that flows throughout the entire song, there is a certain tension that begs for release -- except it never comes -- at least not in this song.

But there is reason to believe that other songs will be quite explosive, what, with DeLaughter scaling back to a guitar-based rock and roll band format. It's hard to imagine, though, after hearing the sparse guitar work on "Abstraction," which can be heard after the jump.