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Waaga Records' Denton-Heavy Compilation Gets A Nod From Pitchfork...

A couple days ago, we hipped you to the new, free-to-download compilation offered up by Sarcramento-based, Lefse Records offshoot Waaga Records, and its heavy focus on Denton.

No surprise here, really, but yesterday, the comp scored a nice little nod from Pitchfork, and the write-up helped offer a little insight into the label's aim, thanks to this quote from label co-founder Matt Halverson:

"We started Waaga because there are so many artists that did not fit the budget of Lefse but that we thought were really great."
Like FUR and Florene and anyone involved in Sleep Whale, to be a little more specific (one assumes).

So, as if our own recommendation isn't enough already, here's another reason for you to go grab the disc. Because--and feel free to call us crazy here--we're starting to wonder if this Sacramento-based start-up just might already be the most powerful label in Denton.

Sure looks that way moving forward into 2010...