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Deion Sanders Collaborates With Snoop? Merle Haggard's Got Song About Wash? Yes and Yes.

It's been a weird, surprisingly musical week in Dallas sports, y'all.

For starters, recent Hall of Fame inductee Willie Beamen Deion Sanders is back in action on the hip-hop front. Sanders, you may recall, released a Dallas Austin-produced hip-hop album called Prime Time in 1994 for Capitol Records. That disc, believe it or not, reached as high as No. 70 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, spurred on by the "success" of lead single "Must Be The Money." Now he and his pal Snoop Dogg (who joined Sanders for his football Hall of Fame induction in Canton, Ohio, last weekend) are at it again. They've released a new song called -- wait for it -- "Hall of Fame." Give it a listen after the jump. It's not the worst thing you've ever heard.

Neither, it should be noted, is the new Merle Haggard song, "That's The Way Baseball Go" -- although, well,  this one is a little weird. Yes, it very much is a play on Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington's accidental/awesome catchphrase. Yes, it's a a re-working of Haggard's "That's The Way Love Goes," which was originally penned by Left Frizzell. Yes, its lyrics were written Weird Al-style by Texas Rangers co-chairman Bob Simpson, his wife Janice, and Fort Worth's Jim Hodges and Jackson Yandell. And, yes, Haggard did actually record it. That's just -- as Jay-Z and Kanye West might say -- "cray." But it's all true. You can buy the song here. It's for a good cause, at least: All proceeds are going to the Texas Ranger Baseball Foundation.

Snoop Dogg -- "Hall of Fame (feat. Deion Sanders)