Dallas Observer Music Awards

Giveaway: Five Pairs of Wristbands To Saturday's DOMAXXII Showcase. Plus: The Songs On This Year's Download Card.

Just got finished with some due diligence over on Unfair Park, letting the folks who care about things like local news and the like know about this year's DOMAXXII Showcase. Even handed out a few pairs of free wristbands out to 'em.

No worries, DC9 devotees: I haven't forgotten you all in this matter. So, on that note: Want a free pair of wristbands to Saturday's 10-hour, 46-band affair? OK! Just be among the first five people to email me right now with the words "DOMA! DOMA! DOMA!" in the subject line, and you're golden. Good luck! (Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners!)

But, wait, I'm not done yet. Remember that download card I mentioned back on Friday? The one filled with songs from nominated artists? The one we're handing out for free to the first 250 people to show to the outdoor stage once gates open at 4 p.m.? And the ones you can also get (while supplies last) when buying a $5 DOMAXXII T-shirt? Yeah, those.

Well, we've finalized the 35 songs that you'll be getting with that download. Check the full list after the jump.

  1. A.Dd+ - "Mary Go"
  2. Air Review - "Chasing Corporate"
  3. Backside Pick - "Higher Place"
  4. THe BAcksliders - "Talk to My Heart"
  5. Boys Named Sue - "Light Beers Away"
  6. Chris Holt - "Meltdown"
  7. Descender - "What Was Missing"
  8. Dust Congress - "St. Augustine"
  9. Emotion Brown - "Neptune's Rising"
  10. Foe Destroyer - "Figure It Out"
  11. Fox & The Bird - "Rome"
  12. FUR - "Swymnastyx"
  13. Here Holy Spain - "Trouble Is"
  14. The Hope Trust - "Run It Through"
  15. The House Harkonnen - "Powder Keg"
  16. Ishi - "Pastel Lights"
  17. Jesse Frye - "Birthmark"
  18. Leg Sweeper - "Sexy Weekend"
  19. Maleveller - "Astronomer's Fyre"
  20. Mount Righteous - "Suburban Homesick Blues"
  21. The O's - "We've Had Everything"
  22. Paul Slavens - "Hazel"
  23. RTB2 - "Letters to a Young Danny Kennedy"
  24. Seryn - "We Will All Be Changed"
  25. Shaolin Death Squad - "Farewell"
  26. Smile Smile - "Truth On Tape"
  27. Somebody's Darling - "Another Two Step"
  28. Spector 45 - "Try, Try, Try"
  29. The Beaten Sea - "Turn Out Empty"
  30. The Slack - "Pipe Dream"
  31. Tweed EQ - "Ode to Autumn"
  32. The Uptown Bums - "Throw Your Money Away"
  33. Warbeast - "Unleashed"
  34. Whiskey Folk Ramblers -  "Into The Slide"
  35. Yells at Eels - "Red Blood"