Giveaway: Two Pairs Of Tickets And Four Posters For Friday AND Saturday Parade of Flesh Shows At The Nightmare

John Iskander, aka Parade of Flesh, is celebrating his birthday this weekend with two great lineups featuring some hilariously violent band names and a hilariously violent poster at the fittingly named Nightmare (2810 Elm St., known until recently as the Lounge on Elm). 

Friday night features a crushingly heavy lineup of metal and grindcore, with Austin's Pack of Wolves playing alpha dog to a lineup also featuring locals Kill the Client and Maleveller as well as Houston's Golden Axe.

Saturday's is a more approachable lineup and also a more diverse one, both musically and geographically. Headlining is Oxford, Mississippi's Bass Drum of Death (which seems to have dropped the "John Barret's..." from its band name), with support from Denton's Bad Sports (who put on another awesome DOMA performance last weekend, by the way), El Lay's Slang Chickens, Atlanta's The Coathangers, Leg Sweeper (also from Dallas, and also a phenomenal DOMA performer) and Predator, also out of the ATL.

Friday's show is $7 or $10 for those not yet of drinkin' age. Saturday's show is pay-what-you-want for 21 and up, $10 for minors. Tickets are available through FrontGate.

But John isn't just receiving presents for his birthday...he's giving DC9 readers presents as well! Not only can you win a pair of tickets to both shows, but two copies of the shows' poster as well. Each of the first two people to e-mail me with the subject "And Many More" will get his or her name on the list to both shows, plus a guest spot, plus two copies of the poster, created by Eric Burdon of Austin's Under Pressure: Hands On Screenshop.

Be sure to include your full name in the e-mail.

Update: Contest over. Congrats to the winners.