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Neon Indian Teases New Single, Mini-Synth Available With Deluxe Album Purchases

Alan Palomo is nothing if not creative. The mastermind behind Neon Indian (and VEGA and Ghosthustler before it) always seems up to something to push boundaries, be it in Neon Indian's helping blaze the chillwave genre trail or in the visual aspect of its live shows and music videos.

Today, Palomo's announced a new trick up his sleeve: a custom synthesizer. Along with the standard album version of his band's upcoming Era Extraña release, Palomo, through his new Static Tongues imprint label, will be selling a $49.99 deluxe package of the release, which will include a CD, the 12" vinyl of the same release, a T-shirt, an autographed poster and a custom synthesizer called the PAL 198X.

Created in tandem with the folks at Austin's Bleep Labs, the PAL 198X is essentially a version of the company's already for sale PicoPaso synth. Promises Palomo: "It does not make the same sound twice."

Check out Palomo's full comments on the synth after the jump, as well as a video of the way the PicoPaso works and a SoundCloud embed of the PAL 198X's capabilities.

Oh, and check out the latest single off of Era Extraña, "Polish Girl," via a stream on NPR's site. They call the song "full on electro-pop." As if Palomo knows anything else.

"We teamed up with our brethren homies in Austin, Bleep Labs, to proudly bring you the PAL 198X. It's a triple triangle-wave oscillator noisemaking device with interchangeable controls for maximal sonic contortion. You can attach knobs, light-reactive photocells, and a variety of other devices for semi-modular capabilities. It can interact with a variety of objects around your house whether electronic in nature or not. It can even interact with your pet. It does not make the same sound twice. Basically, I want you to hack this fucking thing."