Coldplay and Tool Announce 2nd Shows and This Week's Show Announcements

This week, we learned that ticket demand for two shows we recently wrote about (Coldplay and Tool) was so overwhelming a second show has been added for each. On Saturday, June 23, Coldplay will perform a second show at American Airlines Center. Tickets for the show are on sale now at Live Nation. Tool's initial show sold out in a flash, so they've also added a second show for the next day: Saturday, January 21. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 10 a.m. at Live Nation.

Over at the Texas Theatre on Saturday, January 14, infamous comedian Neil Hamburger will likely take shots at both acts, as well as Axe Body Spray and Hellman's Mayonnaise.

Also, over at Club Dada, Parade Of Flesh is kicking off 2012 with a rather big show from British pop act Los Campesinos! on Wednesday, February 15. Tickets are available for $14 at Front Gate.

But wait, there's more. Hit the jump for the rest of this week's show announcements.

Absinthe Lounge
Thursday, December 22 - John Bailey
Friday, December 23 - DJ SMG, DJ Briggs
Saturday, December 24 - DJ Lil' Bro
Sunday, December 25 - DJ Mic Most
Monday, December 26 - DJ Dean Moriarty
Tuesday, December 27 - DJ Twin Needlz
Wednesday, December 28 - Mitch Liechty
Thursday, December 29 - Mike Freiley
Friday, December 30 - DJ Ramrod & DJ Skippy
Saturday, December 31 - DJ C-Love
Sunday, January 1 - DJ Hulon Pate

Adair's Saloon
Thursday, December 22 - Ben Smith
Friday, December 23 - The Honky Tonkers
Monday, December 26, January 2 - Sugar (Foote) & Co.
Tuesday, December 27, January 10 - Cody Jinks
Thursday, December 29 - Foxtrot Uniform
Friday, December 30 - Left Arm Tan
Saturday, December 31 - Tom Cheathan, The Reverly, Southern Drive
Tuesday, January 3 - Casey Thompson

All Good Cafe
Thursday, December 22 - Kristy Kruger, Laura Harrell
Friday, December 23 - Nancy "Shaggy" Moore
Saturday, December 31 - Chad Stocklager Dinner & Champagne Special

American Airlines Center
Saturday, June 23 - Coldplay (2nd show)

Belmont Hotel
Saturday, December 31 - Belmont A Go-Go w/ DJ Tigerbee, Lollipop Shoppe

Wednesday, February 15 - Los Campesinos!, Parenthetical Girls

The Door
Thursday, January 12 - Icon For Hire
Saturday, February 4 - D.R.U.G.S., Hit The Lights, Like Moths To Flames
Saturday, February 11 - Enter The Collector, The News Can Wait
Friday, March 3 - Gungor
Tuesday, March 13 - Lovedrug, The Dangerous Summer, Divided By Five

The Fairmont Dallas
Saturday, December 31 - Hunter Sullivan

Granada Theater
Friday, February 3 - Eleven Hundred Springs, Sons of Fathers, The Possum Posse
Sunday, March 18 - Lights

Hailey's Club
Wednesday, December 21 - The Stolen Season, Beaver, New Sand
Friday, December 23 - Mexican Lions, Jacer Racer, Bloodwitch, Dharma
Wednesday, December 28 - Nerdface
Friday, December 30 - Moose Ka, Betamaxx, Sofaking, Fropsi, The Countess
Saturday, December 31 - Bitches, Blunts, and Ballin', Renzo

Inwood Lounge
Friday, February 23 - Vinyl Fantasy

House Of Blues
Saturday, December 31 - Cleghorn
Wednesday, January 18 - Gabe Dixon Band, Leila Broussard
Thursday, April 19 - Devildriver, The Faceless, Dying Fetus

Kessler Theater
Friday, January 13 - Hunter Hendrickson, Spooky Folk, Exit 380

La Grange
Saturday, February 18 - Scott Kelly, Eugene Robinson

Lizard Lounge
Friday, December 23 - DJ Vice
Friday, January 6 - Proper Villians
Saturday, January 7 - Scooter & Lavelle
Saturday, January 14 - George Acosta
Saturday, January 28 - ShowTek

The Prophet Bar (big room)
Thursday, December 29 - Duette, Everglenn, Kyle Brooks
Saturday, December 31 - Eric McFadden, Larry Gee, The First 100 Years
Saturday, January 14 - Flatworld, Circadian, Old Dirty Car, Hold The Title
Tuesday, January 31 - The Wanted

The Prophet Bar
Thursday, February 16 - Yellow Dubmarine
Monday, March 12 - Whitehorse

Sons Of Hermann Hall
Friday, March 2 - Saul Williams

Texas Theatre
Saturday, January 14 - Neil Hamburger

Verizon Theatre
Saturday, January 21 - Tool (2nd show)