Gig Alert: Catch Caw Caw Tonight at 1919 Hemphill

Alternative bands hailing out of Chicago always seem to be high on the weird factor and less inclined towards melody. Bands like the recently disbanded Chin Up Chin Up and Joan of Arc are two that quickly come to mind.

The trio known as Caw Caw certainly doesn't fall far from that bizarre tree. The band's latest release, Wait Outside, has been described as "ambient experimental" (whatever that means), but the music is a lot more fun than such a portrayal might indicate: Songs like "Escape the Red Giants" and "Organisms" are dense and kinetic, full of fitful phrases and a classic, garage punk aesthetic.

Those folks in Cowtown who don't want to make the trek to Big D tonight to catch My Bloody Valentine or Ladytron and The Faint can do their wallets (and gas gauges) a big favor and check out the frantic but fascinating tones of Caw Caw tonight at 7 at 1919 Hemphill.