Good Friday: Starhead, Lucky Tubb, Mustache Pageant And Not Much Else

If you can overcome the dreary weather, Black Friday shopping exhaustion and post-Thanksgiving hangover, there are a few noteworthy shows to choose from this weekend. First, a reminder of what we've already mentioned.

Tonight, you can catch Gojira, 36 Crazyfists, In Flames and All That Remains at The Palladium Ballroom; Slam Bang Theater at Club Dada, Arc Angels and Electric Touch at House of Blues. Up in Denton, there's a Paste magazine-approved set of Doug Burr, Shiny Around The Edges and Dust Congress at Dan's or The Rosebuds, Bridges and Blinking Lights and PVC Street Gang at Hailey's.Saturday, there's the MC Frontalot show at The Double-Wide,

Other than what we've already mentioned, trying to find a good show this weekend is like trying to find something in your fridge that doesn't involve turkey. Here are a few other shows of note.

Lucky Tubb, The King Bucks
Friday, November 28, at The Aardvark, Fort Worth

I can't say Lucky Tubb's music does anything for me, but it's pretty cool that the King Bucks, who specialize in covering classic country songs, get to play with the great-nephew of the late, great Ernest Tubb.

Starhead, Dan Dockrill, Holy Diver
Saturday, November 29, at Hailey's, Denton
Starhead is an interesting band featuring the excellent Tamara Cauble on violin along with various other veteran Denton players backing up singer Ira Wile with eerie, hushed rock that reminds me of Cowboy Junkies or Knife in the Water. According to their MySpace page, they're in the studio with Brent Best as producer.

Mustache Pageant with SHVRZ (pictured), It's What We Get, Empty Pockets and YeahDef
Saturday, November 29, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, Denton

Can't grow a womb broom by tomorrow? No worries: the flyer promises free mustaches at the door, so if anyone asks where yours is, you won't have to do that cop-out thing where you draw one on your index finger and hold it up under your nose. This is a benefit for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Black Tie Dynasty, The Burning Hotels, Telegraph Canyon, Ishi
Saturday, November 29, at House of Blues, Dallas

CD release party for Black Tie Dynasty's Down Like Anyone. Look for a review of the CD in the December 11 print supplement to DC9. Music editor Pete Freedman was saddened to learn that this show takes place while he's still back home in Boston for Thanksgiving. To console himself, he's staying busy by teaching all of Beantown how to do the D-Town Boogie. --Jesse Hughey