Weekend Roundup: Yells at Eels, Oso Closo, Jesse McCartney, Ian Moore, The Secret Handshake and The Michelle Johnson Band

Kudos to you, DFW music aficionados! Once again you've done an amazing job of capturing this past weekend's concerts. For those of you who missed out, pull up a chair and get your music on. And, well, me? I'll take the credit for bringing you this delightful dish of musical tastiness. Muah-ha-ha! Yells at Eels at Club Dada, Thursday, Feb. 12 Play that funky trumpet! Dennis Gonzalez dabbles in numerous trades, including music, composition, visual art, linguistics and education. In 2009, his band Yells at Eels (with his sons Aaron and Stefan) will celebrate its tenth year of making music.

Oso Closo at the Boiler Room in Denton, Thursday, Feb. 12 Although this isn't technically a live video, it's a pretty snazzy compilation of live shots set to music from Oso Closo's show.

Jesse McCartney at the Palladium Ballroom, Friday, Feb. 13 Jesse McCartney's music is so sugary-sweet it almost hurts, but his fans were out in full force. By the way, of course he needed to bust out a chair and take a slouchy break in the second video, I mean, look how hard he rocked out in the first one. Just kidding, Jesse, keep doing your thang...

Ian Moore at Opening Bell Coffee, Saturday, Feb. 14 Ian Moore, who hails from Seattle, graced Dallas with his folk-rocky presence on Saturday. The video doesn't totally capture his essence, so if you dig it even a little, check out his website or MySpace.

The Secret Handshake at the Max, Saturday, Feb. 14 The Secret Handshake played in front of a colossal crowd at the Max on Valentine's Day. Mike Ziemer and his brainchild, Third String Productions, sure know how to put a bill together for the mall-punk masses. And they scarf it down like candy every-freaking-time! Dude's a genius.

Michelle Johnson Band at Club Dada, Saturday, Feb. 14 Rounding out the videos, the Michelle Johnson Band played at Club Dada on Valentine's Day.

And there you have it, another well documented weekend in Dallas music!