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Now This I Can't Believe: Someone Wrote A Song For Jenny The Elephant

I kinda wish this was a joke. But, no, even though "Jenny's Song" sure sounds like a joke (check this lyric: "Yes, people care for you in Texas / We found your freedom in Tennessee!"), it's not.

Says the CBS 11 report on the recording:

One songwriter is hoping her effort will help give Jenny a new home.

"There's nothing that really tells about an issue more than a song… more than music," explained singer Beverly Perry... "The verses themselves are talking to Jenny and the chorus is actually speaking to the City of Dallas."

Nice sentiment, I guess...

But the song itself? Um...listen to it.

There's just no way this song can possibly help Jenny's case (which, I thought was pretty much settled, anyway), is there? Not unless Mayor Tom really digs him some really, really, really sappy tunes.

Plus, I thought Jenny already had a song. --Pete Freedman