Gig Alert: Derek Comley and the Bastard Sons of Rock n Roll Tonight at the Absinthe Lounge

While looking for something to do tonight, I stumbled upon the MySpace for local act Derek Comley and the Bastard Sons of Rock n Roll. Intrigued by the band's self-description as "new wave, neo-soul, post-punk," I listened to the available songs and found myself wanting more.

Seems Comley is one interesting guy. He mixes Tom Waits and John Lydon without coming off as arty or uptight. Songs like "Have-Not," "Reckless Dreamers" and "Ballad of California" are solid rock songs that feature elements of swing jazz played at the volume of old-school punk.

Comley and crew have been playing around town since 2006, which makes me feel sad for missing out on them for so long. I plan on making some amends by purchasing the band's 2009 eponymous debut and by catching Comley and his bastard sons this evening at the Absinthe Lounge in the South Side building on South Lamar.

I suggest you join me.