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Can Justin Townes Earle Live Up To His Name?

With Jakob Dylan releasing the mostly acoustic Seeing Things and finally accepting the fact that he’s Bob’s son, it would seem that progeny living up to their names is coming into vogue.

Justin Townes Earle, son of alt-country godfather Steve Earle, can now be considered part of this surprising trend. After wasting time with a bluegrass combo (The Swindlers) and a roots rock outfit (The Distributors), Justin Earle is wisely allowing his potent genes to guide him.

Named in honor of Townes Van Zandt, his father’s hero, Justin has been hiding in the shadows cast by high expectations for several years, but with the release of his solo debut, The Good Life, the younger Earle no longer needs to worry. Packed with clever introspection and a surprising element of acoustic blues, Justin’s album is only a bit less essential than his dad’s best efforts.

With his upcoming performance at The Loft on Saturday, Justin Earle can show that he’s more than simply Steve’s son; he can fulfill a dream that has escaped many sons and daughters who were blessed and cursed with a talented parent. --Darryl Smyers