Good Friday: Eli Young Band, The Doc Marshalls, The Presidents, Ghostland Observatory, Leon Russell, Mad Mexicans, Destroy Dallas Metal Fest, Radiant, Trey Johnson and Friends, The Happy Bullets, Dear and The Headlights, And, Well, A Crapload More...

The Eli Young Band is so serious right now.

There's a crap-load of good shows going on about town this weekend, folks. Almost too many, really.

And couple that with all the TX/OU stuff (check our special listings just for this weekend here), and it's gonna kinda be a bitch trying to figure out how to spend your weekend.

But, oh well, we'll do our best to sort out the mess for you here, as always. First, the shows you know about: Tonight, there's Kal at the Blue Danube in Arlington and Pops Carter at the Boiler Room in Denton; On Saturday, there's The Walkmen and The Little Ones at HOB's Pontiac Garage (check back here tomorrow for a little treat having to do with that show...), Estelle, The Roots and Gym Class Heroes at HOB's main room Palladium Ballroom, The Cardinals at Nokia (maybe?), Nikka Costa at The Loft, Astronautalis, Picnic, Sarah Jaffe and Info Red at the Double Wide and The Theater Fire at the Fairmount; and, on Sunday, Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson at McFarlin Auditorium.

Now, some more shows you should know...

Eli Young Band, Mark McKinney, Mike McClure, Reckless Kelly Friday, Oct. 10, at American Airlines Center's AT&T Plaza Denton's own Eli Young Band, who kinda shocked the world last week by debuting within the Top 5 of Billboard's Country Albums Chart, with its new release, Jet Black & Jealous, headlines this fairly interesting (and, I'm pretty sure, free) alt-country bill that, oddly enough, outside of the Denton product, features two acts from Austin and one from Oklahoma. Wonder if they planned that.


The Doc Marshalls Friday, Oct. 10, at AllGood Cafe Before you get all Pace-commercial on me and yell at me for putting a Brooklyn-based alt-country act on this list of shows to see, know this: Doc Marshall frontman Acadian Nick Beaudoing is actually born and raised in Dallas. And the band's earlier-this-year released Honest For Once is actually pretty damn good.

The Presidents of the United States of America, The Black & White Years Friday, Oct 10, at House of Blues' Cambridge Room Because it's an election year, dammit, and you still know all the words to "Peaches."

Ghostland Observatory Friday, Oct. 10, at House of Blues Austin's electro-dance act is a big favorite in Dallas, it seems. So much so that this show was added to accommodate all the people who wanted to see the band's tomorrow night HOB gig. Do yourself a favor, though, if you're going to see this band this weekend: Go tonight, as the tomorrow one will likely be more crowded.

Leon Russell, The Josh Weathers Band Friday, Oct. 10 at the Fairmount in Fort Worth Leon Russell just might be one of the greatest session musicians in the history of modern music, based only on the number of legendary acts and seminal pieces of music he's contributed to. Seriously, read his bio here. And people seem to like Josh Weathers.

Mad Mexicans, Jacknife, Fear Of Self, Saint To Slave, Nine Month Fall Friday, Oct. 10, at Curtain Club Mad Mexicans, long popular 'round these parts, has a new disc to promote. We'll have the review in next week's paper, I think, but you can surely get a preview tonight.

The Destro, My Son My Executioner, Turbid North, Protest, Hope Has Failed Us, Fighting Chance, Five Empty Chambers, Obsidian Throne Friday, Oct. 10, at The Door Well this is a head-turner: A decidedly not-for-the-weak-of-heart The Door, of all places. This two-stage show is being billed as the Destroy Dallas Metal Fest. So, yeah, if you like local metal, you should probably be here.

Radiant, Rescue Signals, Bryan Wakeland, The Alison Rose Saturday, Oct. 11, at Club Dada So I don't know shit about Radiant. Before my time in Dallas. But I've heard the name, yeah, and enough of the Myspace page to get that they're a fairly slick, bombastic pop act. But, really, based on what I've heard about this show heading into it, if you're going, you probably didn't need me to tell you about it just now. But, hey, I could be wrong. So, yeah, you're welcome, guy who doesn't get Myspace bulletins from Radiant.

Trey Johnson and Friends Saturday, Oct. 11, at AllGood Cafe I'm pretty sure "Trey Johnson and Friends" means "Sorta, minus a few members busy that night." So you can probably expect a few Sorta tracks tonight. Actually, check that: You most definitely should, as AllGood is billing this as a Sorta release show...(wait for it)...of sorts.

The Happy Bullets Saturday, Oct. 11, at Lee Harvey's I really don't know what;s going on with The Happy Bullets. one day I hear they have new members. One day I hear that they're working on new material. One day I hear that they're gonna be playing around town more. But I rarely see anything come to fruition with that. But, hey now, here's a gig! That's cool--but let's hope the other stuff starts happening, too, because as awesome as "The Vive and Virtue Ministry" is, I'm getting kinda sick of it.

Say Hi, Jukebox The Ghost, Dear and the Headlights, Gazelles Sunday, Oct. 12, at Hailey's in Denton This show features acts from all points on the national map (Seattle, Washington DC, Arizona and...Denton), all of which share some seriously catchy, if somewhat quirky indie pop rock sensibilities. And with Say Hi and Dear and the Headlights, you've got some fairly nationally buzzed about acts thrown in, too, which is nice. In all honesty, if you're not going to Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson on Sunday, this is the place to be for some good music.

...and that's your weekend. Kinda. I just offered up 11 extra shows for you to consider this weekend, and there's still more. If none of those tickle your fancy, consider these options (sans descriptions:

Friday - Deep Snapper at Cool Beans in Denton - Eleven Hundred Springs at the Granada - Stoney LaRue and Micky and the Motorcars at the Palladium - Dead Science, Nervous Curtains and Handbrake at Hailey's in Denton - Airline, Flat People and Here, in Arms at the Double Wide

Saturday - Nelo at the Granada - Michael Buble at Fort Worth Convention Center - RTB2, Smile Smile, Sunward and Young and The Brave at Hailey's in Denton - Lords, Children of the Grave and Four Days to Burn at The Lounge - Kristy Kruger at City Tavern - The Drams, Braker Lane and Liquid Kitchen at Lola's - Odis, The Steps and A.U.X. at The Cavern I said. A lot going on. Have a good weekend, everyone. --Pete Freedman