What to Do When it All Happens on One Night in Dallas: End Your Night in A Hip-Hop Video

Some weekends are just an exercise in multiplicity. When the raining turns to pouring there is really only one decision to make: stay in and away from water or jump right in the puddle? In 2013, if we are to keep Dallas excessive, we might have to jump in more puddles.

The trick to a menu like last Saturday is time management and, with open bars like the one at the Dallas Observer's, Artopia, a fast cab connect. Jumping from spot to spot you must, unfortunately, trade the lingering conversations and connections you can make when you stay planted for a collection of moments.

But a whole lot of transcendence can happen in a single moment.

Like, maybe, on Saturday night you walk into Artopia at the Dallas Contemporary just as a tug of war between Arts & Culture editor, Jamie Laughlin and Mastermind Award winner Erica Felicella is happening. A light-hearted metaphor between creator and critic ends in tequila and celebration. With this many master minds all in the same room, now is my chance to pick a compelling brain.

Later, winding through the city, buzzed on the generosity of a bartender, a friendly driver drops me off at the Granada. There, the energy will spill out into the street from the crowd gathered inside to toast the A.Dd+ DiveHiFlyLo release. Gathered onstage is a yearbook of Dallas hip-hop; gathered in the crowd is everyone else. I find a spot upstairs and watch as the crowd obeys Paris and Slim's every direction. The hands are up, the bodies move, someone has ordered a bucket of champagne. We are all celebrating now. And sometimes the night magically stretches; there is still time to celebrate another Dallas favorite. DJ Blake Ward's birthday is certainly cause for fete and Glamourama, his weekly Saturday party, keeps the humans dancing every week all on its own. Saturday's special treat of guest DJs includes Passion Pit drummer Shuttle and Baltimore Bass star Spank Rock. With Ward, they take it up every notch.

At 2:30 a.m. it's time to refuel. Presently, I go to the warehouse space of Qri8ive Rec. DJ Hotshot is underscoring the DiveHiFlyLo after-party. New Money Films is shooting a video. There is that festive release that happens when the partying is preceded by good old fashioned work.

I chat with a new friend, satisfied to be in one place for a minute. And I am content to have stood in so many rooms, surrounded by the official and unofficial master minds of this city, raining and pouring all over this town.

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