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You Might Want To Pre-Buy Your Tickets To Tonight's Valient Thorr and Early Man Show...

Bring it? No, no, no. Valient Torr says it's already been broughten.

...and not because the Club Dada show tonight is likely to sell out.

Actually, it's so you can get the most bang for your buck. John Iskander of Parade of Flesh, who booked tonight's show (and, let's face it, has had some bad luck this week), sends word of a special deal for all who buy their tickets ahead of time through Frontgate Tickets: Their names will be entered, at no cost, into raffles to win CDs, T-shirts and vinyl from Parade of Flesh and from Valient Torr's label, Volcom Entertainment.

Also, just to clarify: The show is tonight--not tomorrow night, as the paper version of our Early Man story originally stated. (Looks like someone was a little too focused on Ozzfest this week as he edited this week's music section...and by "someone," I clearly mean me.) --Pete Freedman