Watch: New Fumes -- "Teeth of the Sun"

We've mentioned before Tim DeLaughter's excitement over New Fumes, the brainchild of former Ghostcar member and touring Flaming Lips and Polyphonic Spree player Daniel Huffman, which, indeed, will be the next act to have release on DeLaughter's Good Records Recordings label.

And, hey, he's got every right to be stoked: Everything we've heard from the band to date has indeed proved New Fumes as quite the psychedelic electronic rock force.

Unfortunately, DeLaughter shares, there's no immediate release date planned for the New Fumes disc, called Bump and Assassination. The label's simply trying to get its ducks in a row, he says, before fully pushing the album.

Still, we feel inclined to stoked the excitement fire; after the jump, check out a home-made music video Huffman posted of his song "Teeth of the Sun" a few months back, featuring him and some masked friends scurrying about a fort made out of cardboard. Huffman says in the video's description that it's about "healing from a bad sunburn in a cave while hallucinating." After watching the trippy and alluring clip, which we've posted after the jump, we're comfortable agreeing to that much.

(Hat tip.)