The Can't-Miss Shows to Catch at Index Festival

There are more music festivals in Dallas at any given moment than there are Tumblr blogs about One Direction or goldfish in a Petsmart. Yes, another festival is happening this weekend, but you should absolutely be paying attention to this one. What more can you ask for than a festival that ushers in the fall and has a healthy mix of acclaimed national acts and buzzworthy local talents? Plenty of things: Like an above average credit score or a sip of the creekwater Pharrell drinks in order to stay 20 years old for eternity.

But, Index Fest will suffice. It's in Deep Ellum, the heart and soul of Dallas music with a shit ton of bands. However, with over 90 bands to choose from spread across three days, there's a lot to digest. So, to make matters a little easier, here are suggestions for each day of the festival.