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Art Rock: Giggling All The Way From London to Kettle Art

Mayhaps you noticed this post earlier today on Unfair Park. Then again, maybe you didn't.

Either way, it sure bears repeating: Damien Weighill, the man behind the oh-so-awesome video for Giggle Party's "Jason Bought a Hatchet" will be stopping through town at the end of the month, putting his art--which mostly exists in the same vein as the toungue-in-cheek pop art of the video--up for show (and sale, too) at Kettle Art in Deep Ellum.

And joining Weighill at the show's Saturday, January 30, opening? Why, a performance from Giggle Party. Duh.

Anyway, we'll be there with bells on. And we highly suggest you do the same: Weighill's never been to town before, despite working so closely with Giggle Party on its visual entities.