Good Friday: The Labor Day Weekend Edition

So where's all the love for Rodney Parker and 50 Peso Reward?

It's Labor Day Weekend, folks, which can only mean one thing: Put them white pants in the close till springtime, right? Well, I've been told to do that with mine, at least. A shame, too. Because, you might not know it, but I look good in those white pants...

Anyway, I digress. As always, here are the shows we've already told you about...

Tonight, there's the Shibboleth, Stumptone, Slow Burners show at City Tavern.

Saturday's pretty busy: There's the D Town Booty Bounce Show with Prince William and Damaged Good$ (among others) at Fallout Lounge; there's Dylan Sneed's star-studded Texodus farewell show at Opening Bell Coffee; and there's the GBH show at The Prophet Bar.

On Sunday, there's the now-sold-out Dia de Los Toadies festivites at Possum Kingdom Lake and the Katy Perry show at, of all places, Six Flags.

And, on Monday, you can catch the GZA doing his legendary Liquid Swords album in its entirety at the Palladium.

But there's also a lot of shows we haven't told you about yet...

Airline, The Slack, Johnny Lloyd Rollins, Jeremy Megert Friday, August 29, at Club Dada

This show, a going away party for Eric Swanson, who was once upon a time a member of Fishing For Comets, features a trio of can't-miss acts in Airline, The Slack and Johnny Lloyd Rollins, plus another, that, although I'm pretty unfamiliar with, seems makes sense on this bill given his sound. A night of high quality and high energy tunes, for sure.

Bob Schneider, Rodney Parker and 50 Peso Reward, The Lifters Friday, August 29, at the Granada

Does Bob Schneider ever play Austin, where he's purportedly from? Or does he just pretend he's from Austin, when he's really from Dallas? Because I'm starting to suspect as much given how often he plays here. Seriously, it's getting ridiculous, Bob. Anyway, he's not the reason to see this show; Rodney Parker and 50 Peso Reward is. The band's accessible country rock sound deserves more praise than it seems to get around town. The Lifters' country bar rock ain't half shabby either.

Scott McCurry, The Campaign, Somebody's Darling Friday, August 29, at The Loft

Scott McCurry plays accessible pop rock. The Campaign plays very radio-friendly pop rock. Somebody's Darling plays pop-rock with a down-home country leaning. If I had to pick one of these three to definitely see, I'd probably go with Somebody's Darling, if only because lead singer Amber Farris can wail with the best of them (which is why her fans practically beg for some Janis Joplin covers at each performance). Either way, this bill should make for an interesting one, if only because each of these acts seems to have a distinct following that doesn't intersect with the others'.

The Triggermen, Rivercrest Yacht Club, Panther City Bandits Saturday, August 30, at The Double Wide

This show, which is basically a nerdcore show without the geeky references, is, I'm told, the Triggermen's last in Dallas; the hip-hop jokers are leaving town for Austin in the near future. Tonight's going away show finds the trio paired with Rivercrest Yacht Club, which, really, is Fort Worth's answer to the Triggermen--only whiter and more faux entitled. Given as much, this show could be a great time...or like babysitting a seven-year-old who doesn't know when to shut up and stop making jokes. I'm kinda on the fence on it, but luckily the Panther City Bandits are in the mix to keep things fresh with their seemingly less-jokey pop-punk vibes.

Green River Ordinance, Sleeperstar, Ryan Edgar Saturday, August 30, at the Granada

Fort Worth's Green River Ordinance headlines this bill--and rightfully so, I'd say, given how often I seem to be hearing and seeing their name lately. And I can see why: Theirs is a very radio-friendly, familiar sound, although I can't pinpoint exactly what it reminds me of. I can do that for the locals in Sleeperstar though: They're basically what you get when you cross Black Tie Dynasty with OneRepublic. And local crooner Ryan Edgar? Well, he brings the sweet singer-songwriter panty droppers to the table. This is the kind of show that, if these guys weren't from the area, would be sponsored by KISS-FM and would sell out the Granada. That won't happen tonight, I don't think, but it'll still be a busy place, I bet.

Black Tie Dynasty Saturday, August 30, at the Barley House Speaking of BTD, they're playing a gig at the Barley House tonight. An interesting environment for the emoting rock act, but fitting, I guess, since their sound is one that certainly caters to the college crowd nearby at SMU.

Exit 380, Opium Symphony, Remington Rafael Saturday, August 30, at The Cavern

This show is serving as the CD release party for Exit 380, which mixes a post-grunge Pearl Jam sound with the progressive hard rock of Fair to Midland. Remington Rafael, meanwhile, also utilizes a post-grunge vibe, although I'd say it's more post-post-grunge, as the band seems pretty heavily influenced by Chris Cornell's solo career (with a little Creed thrown in). Which is unfortunate since I was expecting a Latino Remington Steele. Oh well. Opium Symphony's on the bill, too, but I can't really get behind a band that had a campaign earlier this year in which they encouraged people not to vote in the presidential election.

Fight Bite, Nouns Group, The Frenz Saturday, August 30, at Rubber Gloves in Denton

A very hip, trendy bill in Denton, although Fight Bite--God bless 'em--seem a little out of place on it. Nouns Group, a band too cool for Myspace apparently, is a super loud act, and The Frenz's post-post-punk sound ain't exactly quiet either. Actually, on this bill, maybe Fight Bite's sweet, quiet, ambient sound will be the jarring break from the others. Like a Pixies song! And that'd be an interesting way to look at their set. So, you know what? This actually sounds pretty cool. Either way, this is maybe the show of the weekend.

Tiger Moth, Laura Palmer, Big J Sunday, August 31, at the Double Wide

An interesting bill, if also a little disjointed. Soon-to-be Dallas ex-pat Laura Palmer offers showtune-like singer-songwriter takes with a snarky, twisted sense of humor. Tiger Moth's pretty heavy garage blues-rock sound is one we've been a fan of in the office for a while now. And, lastly, Big J is one-half of the DJ duo that runs The Cool Out on Monday nights at the Cavern. The lineup's probably just weird because this night is serving as a going away party and a birthday party for two separate people (neither of whom I know). But it's got some talent on it.

Astro, Pikahsso and Tahiti, others Sunday, August 31, at Green Elephant

Lastly, another hip-hop show to toss your way. Astro's got a new record out, and that's the cause for this celebration. His sound is an interesting drum-and-bass style, but what should make this show special--on top of Astro's music--is the people who'll be in attendance. With Pikahsso, Tahiti and scheduled appearances by DJ Ez Eddie D and others, this venue could be hosting a very who's who in Dallas hip-hop crowd on this night.

...and that's your weekend. --Pete Freedman