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Broken Social Scene Got "A Lot Of Hate E-mails From Dallas."

Looks like it was Broken Social Scene founder Kevin Drew who was so ill last Friday that the Canadian indie-baroque-pop act was forced to cancel its show at the House of Blues. In fact, it seems Drew was so sick with the flu that he was deemed "illegal"--or too sick to board a flight.

We'll never know what coulda been if BSS had played here in Dallas, though. And, actually, it turns out, Drew was still sick the following night in Austin.

But at least he was well enough to take the stage down there at Bass Hall. And, with a couple of reviews from the band's Saturday night performance posted here and here, we can get some idea of what we'd have been in for--which is interesting, if only because Drew mentioned talked about Dallas during his Austin show, saying, "I got a lot of hate e-mails from Dallas."



Turns out some of BSS' Dallas fans were none too happy about the cancellation--so much so that they voiced their frustrations in a comment thread over on the band's Web site, writing everything from a simple  "bummer" to penning lengthy diatribes and negative remarks about the band's past Dallas gigs.

As a result, the band has issued an apology to "all of our fans who bought tickets," as well as promising to post information on refunds and/or rescheduled dates. So keep your fingers crossed, fans.