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"Don't Drop The Soap" Dropped

Nice lineup, but it ain't happening. At least, not this weekend.

Unpaid taxes forced Bar of Soap, Exposition Park's venerable rock club/laundromat, to shut its doors last weekend, and owner Charlie Gilder is doubtful that he'll be able to open this weekend either.

That's a tough break for the bar, as it forces the postponement--if not outright cancellation--of "Don't Drop the Soap," an all-day concert and barbecue intended to bring in the sorely needed revenue to save the joint. The event is still listed on the venue's MySpace page, but Gilder said yesterday that chances are slim to none that it'll happen. The dozen acts scheduled to perform included Spazm 151, Akkolyte, Rocket For Ethiopia and Stag Film.

Gilder isn't giving up on the bar yet, though, calling the closure "temporary."

"It ain't dead yet," he said.

He's in the process of selling a few items to raise the money to lift the suspension of his liquor license. He didn't specify what he's selling, but invited people to call the bar at 214-823-6617 for more information.--Jesse Hughey