ATTENTION: Welcome to Vox Pop, The New DC9 at Night-Hosted Hip-Hop Competition

Attention Dallas-area emcees, free-stylers, and rappers of all shapes and sizes: DC9 at Night is on the lookout for the best lyricists in North Texas.

Today, we launch a new weekly feature called Vox Pop, or voice of the people.

The concept it simple: Each week, we'll host two videos from area emcees looking to show their prowess and we'll pit the two submissions against one another. Then DC9 readers will watch, listen and select a winner.

The winner will be invited back to play again the next week. The loser will go home.

Oh, now, as for the rules? They're pretty simple, too. Check them out, after the jump.

Submissions must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • It's open format: freestyle OR written rhymes, but, remember, we're stressing overall vocal talent here.
  • Submissions must be in video form (preferably emailed to us in a link).
  • Videos must be no longer than 45 seconds.
  • NO CUSSING! (Being the skilled lyricists that you are, this should be no problem.)
  • Submissions must incorporate the topic of the week, which will change with each round of competition.
Now, we've been to the open mics around town, so we know the skill that's out there. Now it's time for the talented wordsmiths to stand up and get the recognition that they deserve. And remember: The guidelines are loose, so BE CREATIVE!

Hip-hop or spoken word? Both are perfectly OK.

You wanna send a video of your voice dubbed over an old Smurfs cartoon? Fine.

Know of a dope new beat that you'd like to debut to our readership? Go for it.

Want to direct a mini video, complete with costumes and a plot in your 45 seconds? We'd love that.

Think you got what it takes to go a capella? By all means.

Starting next week, our knowledgeable hip-hop staff will select the two best clips sent our way, and we'll post them in this space in a head-to-head format. Each week, the topic will change and the winner will defend his crown against a new batch of challengers (and yes, the winner will have to post a new video each week, too).

So watch this space, hip-hop loving contingent of Dallas. Things could get real interesting here pretty quick.

Oh, and what's in it for you? Well, besides the widespread notoriety that naturally comes with being featured on DC9 at Night, we're toying around with the idea of putting on a live Vox Pop showcase. But that all depends on whether or not Dallas proves that its mic skills are strong.

So spread the word wide and spread the word far.

And, for inspiration, we leave you with this old Aceyalone verse from Freestyle Fellowship's classic 1991 album To Whom It May Concern.... And yes, we realize it's longer than 45 seconds, so save it.

This week's topic is Valentine's Day in Dallas. Send all your submissions here. Now go forth, young emcees and may the fruits of your labor shine bright. See you next week.