Bonus MP3: Starhead -- "Waiting For The Miracle"

In the March 19 print supplement to DC9, I reviewed Starhead's debut disc Escadrille, calling it "a riveting combination of Ira Wile's passionately delivered poetry over contemplative, hushed accompaniment" but also opining that the lyrics occasionally get too wordy.

Well, Wile was kind enough to share a track with DC9 readers. Even though "Waiting For The Miracle" is an example of that aforementioned wordiness, it's one of my favorite songs on the disc. Take a listen...

Bonus mp3:

Starhead -- "Waiting For The Miracle"

Starhead -- "Waiting For The Miracle"

It also happens to be the first song Wile ever wrote, and the impetus for the creation of Starhead, Wile tells us via email. He also points out that it's a closer approximation to the band's live sound than the album's songs that feature Sarah Alexander, who can't always join the band for performances. And, while the band calls Denton home, Dallasites can check Starhead out with Heartstring Stranglers and Spooky Folk in a Little D-centric show at Absinthe Lounge Sunday, April 26.