The Basement Club Regulars To Hold Reunion

Looks like the recent trend of 1990s music reunions isn't limited to bands. On Saturday, April 18, The Lakewood Theater will hold a reunion for The Basement, the venerable metal nightclub that rocked out on the corner of Greeenville Avenue and Park Lane from the mid 1980s until it closed its doors in January 1995.

During its heyday, the club was crucial to the Dallas metal scene as a hangout and venue. According to a press release from former manager Jeff Schattle, bands including DT Roxx, Rodeo Love Gods, Solinger, Mister Love Dog and, of course, Pantera performed there, as did non-metal acts like The Nixons and The Toadies.

The reunion show includes performances by Lord Tracy, July Alley, Lowside and more. Tickets are $15 in advance at 214-821-7469 and $20 at the door. Better be safe and order now, though, as organizers assure us the show is expected to sell out early.