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Todd Rundgren to Produce Next New York Dolls Album

I know the local connection here is barely tangential, but two of the best shows to come through our area this past year were The New York Dolls at The Granada in April and Todd Rundgren at House of Blues in July.

Now news comes that Rundgren is producing the next Dolls' effort.

Back in the summer, Rundgren, the aging pop icon, surprised his audience by digging deep into his back catalog and performing "I Saw the Light" and "Couldn't I Just Tell You." Yet, even his most recent material, from the album Arena, rocked with an urgency that belied Rundgren having just turned 60. And earlier in the spring, The New York Dolls, punk godfathers who aren't exactly young bucks, put on a hellacious 90 minute set of classic, sloppy punk/soul that showed singer David Johansen (even at 58) could still successfully mix Sid Vicious with Mick Jagger.

Rundgren has worked with The Dolls in the past, producing the group's debut back in 1973. Hopefully, this producer/band pairing will work out for everyone involved. Better yet, perhaps a joint tour could be in order. Hell, if Rundgren could take Ric Ocasek's place in the Cars, why not step in and play some guitar with the Dolls? --Darryl Smyers