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Going SoBro: Like Nick Before Him, Joe Jonas Goes Solo, Releases Debut Single "See No More"

So, this morning, Joe Jonas, after months of threatening to do so, released the lead single off his upcoming full-length album, which is pertinent news to us here in Dallas because, like seemingly every other Disney-backed teen star of the post-millennium, the middle JoBro's family calls the Dallas area home. Westlake, to be exact. Awesome.

Anyway, the song, is called "See No More," and it features an appearance from Chris Brown, which I guess is one way to get parents to no longer approve of their daughters digging on the squeaky clean teen idol.

The lead single off of Jonas' upcoming debut full-length called FastLife, with its string-based backing beat, has some similarities to Young Money's "Bedrock," but that's pretty much where the comparison ends. No, there's no Nicki Minaj appearance here, unfortunately.

Instead, it's fairly straightforward Top 40 fare -- which, credit where it due, immediately makes it better than anything the JoBros (as a three-piece) have ever released, apologies to "Burning Up" (which is the butt of possibly the funniest joke in The Hangover:Part II, by the way). Not sure yet, though, if it's all that improved over Nick Jonas' work with The Administration, which we actually didn't think wasn't the worst thing ever when we caught his live debut at the House of Blues back in January 2010, you may recall. (Joe, doing his brotherly part before announcing his own solo career, raved to us about that set immediately after seeing it, too.)

Certainly, though, Joe's is a vastly different direction than Nick's rocker designs. His handlers have even gone on record as saying that he hopes to be a "sexier Justin Timberlake." Sounds like a tall order -- y'know, considering that Timberlake brought sexy back in the first place and all -- but, hey, goals are always good.

See if he approaches accomplishing as much by giving "See No More" a stream after the jump. IF YOU DARE.