DC9 Live at El Sibil, Ep. 11: Dust Congress

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When Dust Congress frontman Nick Foreman lost hockey -- the thing that drew him to Denton in the first place -- he found music. And only after staring down his troubles performing solo did he find his bandmates -- first Jeff Barnard and Ryan Williams, then James Kerr and Taylor Sims -- to form the current Dust Congress lineup (Tara Wood, the band's bassoonist, recently moved away).

Last week out at El Sibil, we took advantage of the more hospitable night air to shoot an outdoor session with the band, which made a fine setting for Foreman's vocals and Dust Congress's throwback folk sound. With a pair of shorter recordings already under its belt, Dust Congress is prepping for a full-length release sometime this summer, called Open Your Eyes, The World Is Shit. Like Regurgitate Sunshine State before it, the plan is to release the new record on vinyl with a CD copy tucked inside.

You can hear more about that, and more on how the band got its sound, in the video above, along with some fine footage of Dust Congress in action. If you like what you see, you won't have to wait long to catch them live -- if you happen to be down at SXSW, at least. They'll be playing the fest on Friday evening at the Amsterdam Cafe.

If you're sticking close to home this weekend, well, we figure this one's worth a second viewing -- and it had better be, because while we're down at SXSW we're taking a week off from our live video sessions in Oak Cliff. Check back next week for an update on the next DC9 taping live at El Sibil.