Locals Only! Tonight With Sundress and Final Club

We here at DC9 are pretty proud of the shows we put on.

It's lots of fun for us to throw a party and book our favorite bands to play. This summer's Patio Sessions were a smash hit, and we're pretty stoked about the continuing Locals Only! shows at Jack Daniel's Saloon. We've got another awesome Locals Only! lineup hitting the Jack Daniel's stage tonight, at 9 p.m. featuring Denton shoegaze upstarts Sundress, with special guests Final Club. Sure, it's a weeknight, but we've got a few reasons why everyone and their friends should go to this show.

First off, we book good shows. One of the joys of being a music critic is being able to introduce people to stuff we think is cool. Collectively, we at DC9 have pretty good taste in music, if we may say so ourselves - after all, having decent musical taste is a big part of our jobs. Secondly, admission is free. FREE! We love you guys, and we are willing to bribe you into loving us back.

Thirdly, Sundress is pretty cool. Their trance-y indie pop is highly recommended for fans of rapidly rising stars Analog Rebellion and Neon Indian. Final Club's psych-pop is faster-paced and upbeat. A good mix of sounds makes for a good show.

And, last but not least, these artists are two of Denton's rising stars. That forty-five minute drive to Denton sucks, so we're bringing Denton to you. Consider us a delivery service for good music.