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Over The Weekend: Har Mar Superstar at The Lounge on Elm Street

Har Mar Superstar
The Lounge on Elm Street
October 16, 2009

Better than:
watching the Sooners get beat again.

From the time Har Mar Superstar strolled onto stage with his Lone Star tallboy, it was clear he was there to party.

The bad part? There were only 50 or so people there to party with him.

And, whether it was the lack of a crowd or his constant drinking throughout the show, it seemed like Har Mar was slightly bored on stage, just going through the motions.

Basically: It looked like he was ready to get the show over with so he could really get his party on and hit on girls.

But, if he was just going through the motions, then they were still pretty effective motions. Because the crowd assembled still appeared to think it was a full-on performance as it partied and danced right along with Mr. Superstar.   

And there were a few highlights: As the singer and his band tore into "EZ Pass," he jumped down from the stage and danced girls who were more than willing to let him sing into their breasts and squat down to sing into their crotch. For the following three songs, he remained off stage and in the crowd, going as far as his microphone cord leash would let him go: He walked toward the front to check out the booths, popped behind the bar to grab another tall boy, and even walked upstairs--all while singing, dancing and thrusting his hips toward the ladies in the crowd. As he hopped back on stage and he and the band went into "Creative Juices," he started his Har Mar stage tradition (read: shtick) of stripping down to his underwear, performing a musical strip tease.  

From one song to the next, he continued to take off the a piece of clothing until he was down to just his briefs. By the time he got into his last song "Tall Boy." a female member of the crowd presented Har Mar with a half empty bottle of vodka for him to drink. He took a few pulls off the bottle, then grabbed the girl and nuzzled on her neck.

Critic's Notebook
Personal bias:
As a fan of Har Mar Superstar's, I'm disappointed in the fact that he only played eight songs. Especially when he has three albums worth of material to play through.

By The Way: Opening band Best Fwends was interesting. The Fort Worth duo's glorified karaoke was impressive as it played up its nerdy persona.