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The Lounge On Elm Street Gets New Owner, Preps To Change Its Name to "The Nightmare"

Quietly, over the course of the past few weeks, The Lounge On Elm Street has undergone an ownership change. And, in the next few weeks, it'll undergo a name change, too.

According to new owner Victor Villalobos, the venue will soon be called The Nightmare.

(Get it?)

Over the past few years, The Lounge has turned into a legitimate concert venue thanks to Parade Of Flesh-promoted concert bills featuring Wavves, Little Joy, Fiery Furnaces, Health, Vivian Girls, and Monotonix. As such, Villalobos has no plans to change the concert venue format at The Nightmare.

The only changes, beyond the name, he's planning on taking are all aimed at further improving the venue for concertgoers.

"I am going to remove the stairs in front of the stage so people can stand closer up," says Villalobos. "I want to make the shows better."

Along with the stage renovation, Villalobos plans to give The Nightmare a small facelift.

"I can't do anything too big because I don't own the building," he says while stepping carefully on a newly painted floor. "I took out the booths and the window details. I just want to make it look nicer."

Stay tuned for further updates on The Nightmare On Elm Street.